Hypoxia protection thermocouples for water heater

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thermocouples for gas stove/oven/fireplace thermocouple
Material: Oxygen free copper wire, Brass, Ni90Cr10 head
The product can be customized as your request.

[thermocouple technology data]
1.The thermoelectric potential
Heating characteristics: thermocouple on the flame temperature is 600-700 ° C, the thermoelectric potential shall be the 15 mv or greater
Cool feature: the thermocouple on the flame temperature is 600-700 ° C, heating to cut off the air after 5 min, when the thermoelectric potential shall be the.
Jobs temperature: the temperature is not higher than 700 ° C, the rest is not higher than 125 ° C.
2.Internal resistance range depends on the type and length, are indicated in the corresponding drawings, the tolerance within 10% of the specified value.
3.Mechanical properties
Wire winding or do bending radius less than 10 mm, should be avoided in the operation of the assembly and folding as well as friction with instruments and devices sharp edges part, should avoid the small Angle bending around the welding position.
Welding position can bear at least 150 n pulling force.
Product size can customize according to customer’s requirements.
Thermocouple parts must be heated in the heating thermocouple tip 3-5 mm, not to be very tip position flame internal, will cause potential and reduce life.
Thermocouple fixed behind and the positive and negative wire parts, as far as possible to maintain good heat dissipation, reduce installation plate and thermocouple sheath of heat accumulation, favourable time of closing valve.
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